Nimble IT Technology

Nimble IT Technology is a global IT Service Management, Enterprise Tools consulting and Cloud Enablement company headquartered in Surrey BC, Canada and serving IT Service Providers and Enterprises across the world. Our consultants, with their extensive industry experience, provide unparalleled Enterprise tool strategy consulting, implementation and integration capabilities.

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About Us

Since its inception, Nimble IT Technology has evolved into a trusted Enterprise Tools consulting, IT Service Management and Cloud Lifecycle Management partner for IT Service providers and Enterprises and alike. At the core of all our offerings is value creation for all our clients. Our consulting engagements are focused on creating a transformational roadmap by optimizing existing IT environment and facilitating migration to robust and cost-effective platforms aiding in higher ROI.

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Assessment & Roadmap

  • With thousands of projects under our belt, we’ve developed roadmaps to get you where you need to go more efficiently.

Managed Services

  • Supplement your existing ServiceNow team to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform.


  • As an Authorized Training Partner, our ServiceNow courses and workshops arm your team with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful.

Custom Application Development

  • Achieve aspirational objectives that drive innovation and transform the way you work.

Our Services

Deliver services that amaze your users, increase productivity, and achieve new insights by consolidating to the most innovative ITSM solution.
Unlock enterprise-wide productivity and meet the expectations of a modern workforce. Make it easy for employees to get the services they need.
Great service means more than just engaging your customers. Connect customer service with other teams to resolve issues quickly and proactively.
Move IT operations from a reactive team to one that works intelligently for the business. Gain visibility into your operations footprint, manage service health, and optimize service delivery and spend.
Connect your existing security tools with Security Operations to prioritize and respond to incidents and vulnerabilities according to their potential impact on your business.
Software applications are the foundation to workplace productivity, but these tools are only as valuable as the number of employees who use them.

We combine deep Service Now expertise with decades of industry experience.

Collaborate with our global team of experts to unlock the next wave of workflow automation for ServiceNow platforms.

IT Workflows

Modernize and move to digitally differentiated ways of working. IT has the power to optimize and deliver scalable solutions.

Employee Workflows

Make it easy for employees to navigate intricate processes and get the information they need, how and when they want it.

Customer Workflows

Automate your work with Service Now across multiple departments to streamline your customer experience.

Creator Workflows

Take advantage of ServiceNow’s low-code and no-code capabilities to guide your team in creating workflows for their unique needs.